Saturday, May 7, 2011

African Health Science

The African system of health disagrees with the idea of germs being the sole source of disease.  Historically, African health science was founded upon holistic principles.  This science pre-dates Egyptian medical science and is between 20,000 and 100,000 years old.  In fact, it is the oldest medical science on the planet.  African health practitioners were devoted to teaching individuals to improve their physical, mental, and spiritual health through preventative lifestyles.  The African physician and health professional had to first develop their own understanding of how African physiology worked on all levels before they could treat diseased individuals.  This wholistic wisdom has been passed down to us as “The Science of African Bio-chemistry”.  This is the African health system according to “Naturopathic” principles.  In this system, the patient is given an herb or food that will help the body defend itself. For example, if a patient is suffering from joint pain (arthritis), then this would perhaps indicate that there may be a calcium and/or mineral deficiency caused by a nutritional deficiency in the diet.
The African physician would advise or teach their patient what lifestyle, nutritional, emotional, or dietary changes should be made to alleviate the condition.  This philosophy was consistent with the laws of nature and is based upon a belief in the body’s innate God-given, natural ability to heal itself when given the appropriate herbs, seeds, and foods.
The human body contains millions of microorganisms which support and help to keep our immune systems healthy and have enabled us to have healthy lives.  The ancient Africans believed that a healthy immune system is responsible for the health and healing of the human body. From this premise, health problems occur as the result of “something lacking” in our nutrition, leaving the human body vulnerable to disease.  African medicine is a nutrient based system.  A diet and lifestyle deficient in vital nutrients makes us susceptible to opportunistic infections, and cellular disorganization (cancer).  This is why some people who are exposed to the cold virus do not get a cold.  Or why some people are able to recuperate from a deadly disease such as cancer and others, cannot.  However, many scientists and physicians reject the vitamin deficiency concept of disease until it is proven and tested through clinical trials.

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