Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Western View of Health and Disease

The average doctor today under the Western system of medicine has spent over ten years acquiring training to learn about disease causation.   Hence, there is a tendency among many physicians to look for a positive “cause-and-effect” relationship in which something clearly causes something else – a virus, or bacteria must “cause” a disease. The idea that disease is caused by an outside agency, or virus is rooted in the Germ Theory of disease, first proposed by the French scientist, Louis Pasteur in the mid-1800’s.
There are many diseases that plague the human family today which modern science has spent many billions of dollars searching for a prevention or cure, but they are no closer to the answers today than they were over a hundred years ago.  Perhaps the main reason is that they are still looking for that “something” which causes these diseases instead of the “lack” of something.
The ultimate solution to the scientist’s most puzzling medical problem is to be found in a near-primitive concoction of herbs and foods.  However, medical doctors have been trained to search for “complex” answers rather than looking to the simple laws of nature.  As Dr. Laila Afrika, pioneer of African ethnomedicine put it aptly:
“In health science they (western doctors) believe that the body destroys itself with disease.  Therefore, they must give toxic, poisonous drugs and vaccines to stop the body from killing itself.  In Caucasian medical science, they believe that evil bacteria and virus are trying to kill good bacteria and virus.”


  1. As a holistic practitioner myself who travels globally who hasn't taken vaccination in over 20 years yet recently having to be vaccination when visiting several countries in Afrika and Asia please share some advice on the best natural alternatives to protect yourself against foreign invasions to the body immune systern when traveling to "3rd world countries"

  2. @ Anonymous

    Buy Dr, Laila Afrika's book titled 'African holistic Health'. Dr. Afrika's informative book consists of 554 pages. I have the informative health book home library. Oh, by the way, you'll need some natural alternatives to protect yourself against foreign invasions (pathogens) to the body immune system when living in highly industrialized countries, like America or the ones in Europe. Ashe!!