Friday, May 6, 2011

How "races" differ due to melanin

 Japanese scientists has shown that inside the melanocytes (skin pigment cells) are tiny packets called melanosomes that contain Melanin. The four stages in the maturing of these packets is what accounts for racial differences: 

* Stage 1: The melanosome is empty and doesn't have the machinery to make Melanin. 
* Stage 2: The melanosome has the machinery to make Melanin, but is empty of Melanin. 
* Stage 3: The machinery is there and the melanosome is half filled with Melanin. 
* Stage 4: The machinery is there and the melanosome is completely filled with Melanin. 

Whites have mainly stages 1 and 2, whereas all people of color have Melanin ­with Blacks having more of stage 4 than 3, while Latinos and Asians have more of stage 3 than 4. All people of color have "circulating Melanin," which is Melanin circulating in the blood due to spillage or excess from the melanosomes. 

Melanocytes                     Melanocytes 2

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